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20 May 2013

  • We are pleased to welcome Dr Bruno Bosacchi of Princeton University as an advisory board member and Marilyn Agbeko as  Africa Program Director. Their addition to our team will bring their rich experience and academic connections to bear on our projects and aims. Welcome on board  Dr Bosacchi and Marilyn.
  • TBE and its partner faculty delivered two lectures at a doctoral school in number theory held at the University of Ghana from April 29- May 10. Dr Kasso Okoudjo of University of Maryland, College Park and Dr Stefano Guerra of Oregon State University delivered talks on Frame Theory and Cohomology of Grassmannians  respectively. You can view the lectures on our lectures page.

28 Mar 2013

Dr Mahir Bilen Can, a visiting professor at Yale university gave  a lecture on Algebraic groups to the math department of the University of Ghana. These are screenshots of  Dr  Mahir Can and the students of the department listening to the lecture on a projector.



06 Nov 2012

Our first lecture to India was a great hit!  With a lecture hall full of students from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai logged on to their laptops, Dr. Swapnil Garge began by clearly and concisely explaining design models of bioprocesses.  He then engaged participants by illustrating selected bioprocess control models with real-world case studies.  Stay tuned for more exciting lectures in chemical engineering!

30 Aug 2012

TBE just hit the three way mark!   Our 3rd online seminar was delivered by Dr. Daniel Krashen of  the University of Georgia, Athens to participants from the Math Department at the University of Ghana, as well as folks from Albania and the USA.  Dr. Krashen gave a survey of  exciting developments in the theory of quadratic forms.  This marks a ramp up stage in our expansion to provide a virtual space serving as an academic exchange.  See the pictures below from the University of Ghana math department with the departmental chair Dr Margaret McIntyre, faculty and graduate students in the seminar room.


28 Jun 2012

Our 2nd live online math seminar was given by Dr. Peter Dalakov of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.  Attendees were from the Math Department of the University of Ghana, as well as participants from the University of Vlora in Albania, in addition to others in Bulgaria and the USA.  Elliptic curves are beautiful and interesting, especially in the disciplines of cryptography and information systems security.  The talk by Dr. Dalakov was on the mathematics of elliptic curves.  Stay tuned for more!

08 May 2012

Our 1st live online seminar was given today by Dr. Jimmy Dillies of Georgia Southern University at Statesboro to faculty and students of the Math Departments of  Georgia Southern University and the University of Ghana.  There were individuals from Canada, Albania and Belgium who attended the live online seminar.  In all, we had about 35 people on three continents who where part of this milestone!  You can access the recorded seminar talk on our YouTube channel.  This is the first step in Transborder Educators’ drive to connect faculty and students around the world.

04 Feb 2012

We held our first Webinar to test our video conferencing server. About 10 people from around the world participated in the webinar and gave positive reviews. This is the presentation.


25 Oct 2011

Transborder Educators is in the process of applying for IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

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